We are an interdisciplinary team, with backgrounds in Chemistry, Materials Science, Engineering and Physics. The majority of the team are based in our labs in Oxford, but we also have students and postdocs that Prof. Hoye previously supervised in Cambridge and Imperial, and who remain valuable members of the team. Researchers arranged alphabetically by surname.

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Year Name Role Home Institution Project
2023 Han Bin Cho Visiting PhD Student Hanyang University, South Korea

Graphene-incorporated electron transport layers for perovskite solar cells

2023 Prof. Ru Zhou Visiting Academic Hefei University of Technology, China

Antimony sulfide indoor photovoltaics

2023 Maia Mombrú Frutos Visiting PhD Student University of the Republic, Uruguay

BiSI radiation detectors

2023 Natalie Ngoh Summer Intern Imperial College London

Silver bismuth sulfide nanocrystal solar absorbers

2023 Samarth Sharma Visiting Undergraduate IIT Bombay, India

BiOI X-ray detectors

2023 James Morgan Summer Intern University of Oxford

Synthesis of silver bismuth iodide semiconductors for thin film photovoltaics

2023 Kaiwen Zhang PhD student University of Cambridge

Continuous synthesis of metal halide perovskite nanoparticles with sharp and stable emission

2022 Yuanwei Zhai MSc student Imperial College London

Developing Cost-Effective, Stable and Nontoxic Ternary Chalcogenide Photovoltaics

2022 Wenjing Lan MSc student Imperial College London

Developing Cost-Effective Chemical Gas Sensors based on the Photoconductivity Effect

2022 Disha Bandyopadhyay MEng student Imperial College London

Developing Vapour Transport Grown Sb2S3 Thin Films for Photoconductive Gas Sensors

2022 Sachin Rondiya Postdoc Imperial College London

Developing ternary chalcogenides for photovoltaics

2022 Zewei Li PhD student (co-supervised) University of Cambridge

Understanding and Controlling the Optoelectronic Properties of Cs2AgBiBr6 Double Perovskite

2021 Christina Kong PhD student Imperial College London

Antimony chalcogenides for indoor light harvesting and photoconductive gas sensing

2021 Rob Jagt PhD student (co-supervised) University of Cambridge

Next generation optoelectronic devices for energy applications utilising metal oxides, bismuth oxyhalides and lead halide perovskites

2021 Tahmida Huq PhD student (co-supervised) University of Cambridge

Developing next generation, non-toxic, inorganic materials for photovoltaics and thin-film transistors

2021 Ziyue (Phoenix) Yi PhD student (co-supervised) University of Cambridge

Stability study in lead-halide perovskite light-emitting diodes

2019 Katharina Börsig  Visiting Bachelors student University of Konstanz (Germany) Tuning the density of BiOI thin films grown by chemical vapour transport
2019 Laura Spies Visiting Masters student Ludwig Maximilians University (Germany) The effect of d-orbitals on ternary bismuth chalcogenide thin films for photovoltaics
2019 Mengyao Sun Visiting Bachelors Student Fudan University (China) Developing perovskite tandems with p-type silicon cells
2019 Yanhao Wang Summer intern University of Cambridge Developing the growth of ternary bismuth chalcogenide thin films 
2018-2019 Sam Hill Final-year project student University of Cambridge Printing oxides on perovskite solar cells from the vapour phase
2018-2019 Daniella Sauven Final-year project student University of Cambridge The effect of pressure on the growth of BiOI thin films 
2014-2019 Lana Lee PhD student (co-supervised) University of Cambridge Vapour-based growth of inorganic compounds for next-generation, stable photovoltaics
2014-2019 Ravi Raninga PhD student (co-supervised) University of Cambridge Controlling the electronic properties of n-type oxide films for optoelectronics